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Heavy Equipment Parts


Why let down-time eat into your profits? Oftentimes the manufacturer of your heavy equipment will take forever to honor their warranty and return your torque converter. That forklift, backhoe, or dump truck will sit in the repair shop waiting on the manufacturer to come through, while you lose thousands of dollars in productivity. We are here to help your business continue to run at a smooth pace by offering heavy equipment parts, upgrades, and repair.

Our Pledge

Our pledge to our construction customers is to quickly return your custom built converter to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. We can also do this at a price that is often half of what the manufacturer will charge you. Initially, our heavy construction equipment customers were amazed at our quick turnaround time, but now they have learned to expect a high-quality torque converter within a short period of time. We care about your business and it is our goal to do what it takes to get you back in business.

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